August 30, 2012

Date Night - now with added kids!

Are you enjoying the exhibition.....Barbie? Maybe lay off the champers for a bit.
Last week Mr Woog and I went on a "Date Night", which is what what we used to call a "date" in the olden days. We went to an art exhibition opening, because sometimes we consider ourselves fancy and all that.

The exhibition was held in a gallery in Woollahra which is a very posh part of town. As we entered the gallery, something struck me as being very odd.

There were small children. EVERYWHERE! I thought for a minute that we might have accidentally stumbled into an after-hours childcare centre. And like you could imagine, not many of them were thrilled to be there.

I watched with interest as the artist was bailed up by two yuppies holding a baby.

"We wanted you to meet Hugo," They beamed "He is your biggest fan!"

The artist shifted uncomfortably. I stifled a large laugh. Hugo's parents beamed at the artist a bit more and Hugo? He cried a bit and them vomited.

I liked Hugo immediately.

Later that night over dinner, I asked Mr Woog of he could ever consider taking the boys to an art gallery exhibition and he informed me that he would. If someone was holding a gun to his head.

Do you take your kids everywhere?

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