April 05, 2013

On the eve of Jack's Disco Party....

Ok, so you know about Gumtree right? The site that lets you buy and sell all manner of goods. I regularly trawl Gumtree to snare second hand bargains for Jabba.

But this is not about buying or selling. This is about organising the one social event that is talked about all year at our place.

Jack’s Birthday Party!

Disco Birthday Jack circa 2012
Because there is so much hype and expectation, it causes me no amount of annual stress.

Back in my day, we had a birthday party every second year. We were allowed to invite ten mates and choose a cake from the Woman’s Weekly Birthday Cake cookbook. Chuck in a game of pass the parcel and that was the end of that.

But times have changed my friends!

I love throwing Jack a solid party because it brings him so much joy. The anticipation, the suspense, the gratitude. Well, it is all just worth it to me. Plus the fact that we started at a new school this year, well it makes sense to explode onto the Year 2 social scene with a BANG!

Gumtree has issued me a challenge to organise Jack’s Birthday Party by completely organising it through their site. Hey! If it is going to make my life a little easier, I am all for that.


But to be honest, it turned out a pretty easy challenge. It took about an hour, some Gumtree cruising, 6 emails, 4 follow up phone calls then DISCO.

Of course, it has to be DISCO.

I got on the site and went to their services section. Before this challenge, I didn’t know there was even such a thing.

I found the Party and Catering section.

One email, and the invites were designed and the file emailed to me, which I forwarded onto our local printer (also found on Gumtree) and I picked those babies up that very afternoon! $25. THANK YOU!

EFFICIENCY, a word I do not use too often….

In the meantime, I found a very cute cake, a person to create a party atmosphere, someone to take care of all the food, a Disco Instructor and a massive jumping castle.

The Business Services section can assist you in finding a cleaner, a beautician, a removalist, a handyman, a marriage celebrant, anything you need. You just bung in what you want, enter your postcode and it will present you with all available options in your area.

You then directly email the business for a quote, compare what comes back and book it. Just like that.

Did I mention, I tend to go a little overboard when it comes to my kid’s parties?

Well I do. It brings not only Jack’s new classmates together, but also our entire extended family! This year is a busy time for family birthdays, so we kill about 4 birds with one stone.

So I am in control of this whole process, all done with the convenience of not having to leave my desk, using nothing but the net, a phone, a pen and a notebook.

And I am so smug about the whole situation, I am 100% sure that it is going to piss down this weekend.

I am grateful that everything has been outsourced as we are at a wedding on Saturday afternoon, up at a sparrows fart Sunday morning for rugby (GO THE ELKS) and will arrive home about an hour before all the disco kids arrive. Adrenaline junkie, moi?

Come back soon for the post party wrap up. There will be no paparazzi but there will be one very happy diva! 

I will save you a lolly bag and a glass of champers.

Am I the only person who didn’t know all this could be done through Gumtree?
Where the hell have I been?

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