April 06, 2013


Mr Woog woke early and left the house yesterday before the sun rose. It was about 5.30 am. He let Chuy out of the house and went off to work.

It must have been between 5.30 and 7am that the crime was committed. Another murderous rampage, this time targeting a wild rabbit. The body had been dumped on the back doorstep, innards strewn across the stairs. 

It disturbed me greatly.

Those who have read this blog before may recall that I am the owner of the weakest stomach in the whole of the land. I asked the kids to go hard at it with a shovel and a bag. I heard them try, screaming and scraping the pavement, before I told them to stop.

Because they were only making matters worse.

I took the kids to school and went onto the New Mum's Morning Coffee Chitty Chat. 

Now, I don't know any of them very well, and we were nattering on about this and that when I told them about the situation waiting for me back home. And how I really didn't want to return.

They were all suitably sympathetic.

"Well ideally, one of you would offer to come and sort it out for me..." I asked hopefully, hoping one of them was originally from the country.

And guess what!

One of them was originally from the country! Near Mudgee.

What a woman! We went back to my place via hers so she could pick up a pair of disposable rubber gloves. Armed with these, plus some paper towel and a couple of plastic bags, she did the best job ever!

She could have actually gotten a job on Crime Scene Investigation.

Before (have blurred the yukky bits)


I was so grateful to her. I told her that I didn't think that I could do that for someone else but I would happily do other stuff. Like make food, or pick up kids or expertly clean out a guinea pig cage. Just nothing to do with dead animals.

She finished up the job, dusted off her hands and told me....

"It is all about community." 


When is the last time you helped someone out?'
What did you do?

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