January 04, 2011

Isn't She Amazing!

We are staying in a village in the area known as Canggu. Canggu has emerged as an ex-pat region for those wishing to live a quiet life. It is very gentile, with picturesque country roads, farming and traditional ways of going about your business. I actually saw a man riding on a pushbike carrying at least a hundred handwoven baskets all tied to him. He took up half the road. Oh yes he did. And the only people that blink an eye at scenes like that is a Toyota Minivan full of Woog Boys.

I sit there marvelling "Isn't he fit."

I am getting numb to the cultural differences every day. A month ago I would have had a heart attack if I had pulled up at the lights on Military Road, to look over and find a motor scooter carrying and entire family on it, with the mother sitting at the back, facing the rear and breastfeeding a tiny baby.

Here I just think, "Isn't she amazing."

Although when I learnt from Nyoman about how if his family does not like his girlfriend, it was customary to replace her with a more docile mate.

I just wonder "Isn't that fucked up?"

But when I see a trio of little boys stripped naked at the side of a road having a shower with a bar of soap from rain coming off the roof during a thunderstorm,

I ponder "Aren't they resourceful."

And speaking of resourceful, the Original Mrs Woog arrived late last night with Dr Woog and I immediately booked Mr Woog Jr and myself into a beautiful hotel for later in the week, signalling some kid-free time.

So I look into the mirror this afternoon and grin "Isn't she a genius."

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