January 04, 2011

If you liked it then you should have put a Ring (worm) on it......

Mr Woog has managed to avoid Dengue Fever this week. I am as healthy as a horse apart from suffering chafe when wearing a skirt walking around the hot and humid streets of Bali and Jazz Hands Jack continues to be a Diva without any signs of illness, apart from sharting once or twice.

Harry has developed ringworm.

How gross is that. Ringworm. I pictured a small family of circular worms living just under his skin. My daily cuddles with him have changed to cheery pats on his little head.

Despite me knowing better, I again hit up Dr Google and I know it is strange to understand, but there was a delightful discovery I made about ringworm. It is not really a worm at all. It is a fungal infection. I know! So much better......

So I asked Made to take me to the chemist. He shook his head. Pharmacy? Ahhh yes. We drove a while before we pulled up to what appeared to be a garage complete with roller door. Inside was a little old man standing behind a glass counter. It was like a scene from the 1930's. It had an apothecary table and glass beakers. It did not sell lipsticks, nappies, scented candles, shampoo, body lotion, condoms or greeting cards. It sold ointments and pills.

I announce to the pharmacist "My son has ringworm!" and he nodded and smiled. I smiled back. Made smiled at me and then the pharmacist. I looked to the heavens thinking "How am I going to explain this?"

So I said it slower - because I figured talking English to two people that did not speak English, they might understand better if I spoke slowly????

Then I had an idea.

I took my wedding ring off and showed the pharmacist. I put it on the counter. Then I did a series of squirming like dance maneuvers with my hands in the air. Their smiles turned into laughter. No sale.

Then I grabbed a pen from the counter and started drawings small circles on my arms.

"Canesten!" He cried and gave me a tube of it. I gave him $1.40. We both grinned at each other and Made and I took our leave.

Never get the giggles going to Terry White. And the Canesten is already kicking some fungal ass.
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