September 06, 2010

Bob Katter at Bunnings

Father's Day is traditionally celebrated in WoogsWorld by Mr Woog having a sleep in then settling in for an immense day of sex nagging.

We also go to Bunnings which is, to Mr Woog, a far funner version of Chatswoog Chase. I strongly disagree and pull into the car park under extreme duress. Not even the smell of the Rotary Sausage Sizzle can make me smile at Bunnings.

Because Bunnings is full of tools. And the Biggest tool of the lot is this little chappy.

Now for the Non-Aussie readers, this complete dickhead has spent the past 2 weeks trying to decide who should govern the country. Why? I point the finger directly and blame the dumb-ass voters of the electorate of Kennedy in QLD. I would like this electorate to be contained by a massive electric fence and install President Katter in to rule. Only then you might realise how much you fucked up a few weeks ago by voting this clown back in.

And to you Bob Katter. Your 15 minutes of fame expired a long time ago. Please spend less time abusing journalists at airports and put your support behind someone. ANYONE. So I do not have to pollute my eyes with your stupid face every night on the telly. Then go shove your 20 point list of demands up your butt and disappear please. Or better still, retire and go join the cast of Dancing with the Stars, just like Pauline did. And continue to milk it for all it is worth. Fuckwit.

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