July 20, 2010


Geography is a bitch hey! Especially my old Geography Teacher Mrs Snivelltits. This one is for Sydney Readers Only. (boo hissss - but this workshop will be running around the country so stay tuned)

Anyway, this is a fab opportunity for you (and a mate) to attend Sydney's First Working Mums MASTERCLASS.....FOR FREE! Nadda. Zip.

Date: Saturday 24 July 2010
Time: 1130am - 4pm
Venue: Norwest Crowne Plaza
1 Columbia Court
Norwest Business Park

All Mums are Working Mums - it's just that some of us get paid and some of us don't! The Working Mums MASTERCLASS will help you balance the demands of being a modern mum.

Guest Speakers include Juanita Phillips, author of A Pressure Cooker Saved my Life, Kristie McKnight from Ducks in a Row, Valerie Peterson from Inner-B, Sunny Mummy Stacey Sullaphen and nutritionist Fiona Workman. And the chefs from the Crowne Plaza Norwest will run a cooking demonstration showing you how to whip up something fast and healthy for your family.

All you need to do is comment on this post by finishing this sentence:
Being a working mum is like____________________
For me, being a working mum is like trying to eat soup with a knife. Now you......

Random Org will sniff around on Thursday afternoon to select the winner so give your other half the heads up that you are busy on Saturday. So if you are so sick of hearing "work-life balance"from your boss, even though neither of you believe it, get some practical advice and have a laugh at the same time. And try and steal me a goodie bag ok?
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