January 08, 2013

The Athlete's Foot Australia - anything BUT a fungal disease.

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Don’t you agree that as soon as you pull down the old, malting, slightly brown Christmas Tree and carefully place it near the bins in the vain hope that some magical fairy will take it away for you, you begin to notice the BACK TO SCHOOL campaigns?

 (That, AND the Hot Cross Buns, which should be available all year round anyway….)

And here I sit, at the beginning of January with weeks of holidays left and I am just not afraid to sing it from the rooftops. I AM OVER IT ALREADY.

CHILDREN… You count down till Santa comes. I countdown till the 29th when the school gates swing open, the sweet sound of the school bell slices through the air like a hot knife through butter, and I go skipping down the street like I had just been freed from prison.

But the prep work to get to this point can be over-whelming.

When Ms. Murphy, aka the Super-Agent, asked if I would like to work with The Athlete’s Foot, I was kind of taken aback. Well I mean sure, I had had a planter wart when I was at high school, but my fungal/foot experience started and finished with that.

I was wrong. It was for the shoe store The Athletes Foot. And because I am so athletic myself, it was a natural fit.

So here is the deal.

Your kids move all day everyday and walk far many more steps that you do. I know this as Harry and I both wore pedometers for 3 days straight in December to demonstrate this fact. You know how you see your kid’s school shoes deteriorate quickly over the year?

This is because they punish them all day long. And because they wear them so much, they need to fit perfectly.

I took Harry into The Athlete’s Foot for the full fitting experience and the first thing that struck me was the gargantuan properties of his feet.

I mean we can now wear the same size! Harry is 8.

When did THAT happen?

Harry has flat feet (inherited from his father) and when I say that, I really mean that the space between his arch and the floor is non-existent. So he wears othordics.

I was pleased to be able to provide Choy, the expert fitter at our local store, such a challenge.


Did not faze him one little bit. He measured Harry every which way you can and then got him to partake in a series of physical challenges, which sounds dramatic but really meant walking across sensors to find the pressure points in Harry’s foot.

It took Choy no time at all to select two styles that would be suitable for Harry’s special feet. Choy and I got into a deep discussion about what happens in the store the day before school goes back. It is a scenario I have found myself in more than once. You need the patience of a saint and nerves of steel. 

Choy told me that they actually set up an extra pop-up store in the centre to manage the overflow. And each customer gets the same consultation, obligation free.

Not to mention a fresh, clean pair of try on socks. Delightful!

Click here to see where your nearest store is and take on board my hot tip. Get this done NOW.

That is Choy the Unflappable, up there in the middle.

We needed school shoes that would take the schoolyard punishment that is dished out with extreme vigor daily. Choy sorted it with a sturdy set of Clarks.

Behold in all their shining glory – The Clark Daytona Snr, known for its comfort and durability! Click here for more info. 

We always tend to go for the Clarks brand at WoogsWorld, because the boys outgrow them before they are destroyed. DURABILITY – oh yeah. 

And they adhere to Mr Woog's philosophy of "Buy it once and buy it well..."

After we finished up and Harry and Choy were happy with the outcome, Harry asked him whether he had ever fitted a kid with 6 toes.

I shushed him and laughed a bit with the old “kids say the darnest things” type look on my face, before thanking Choy for all of his passion and expertise in making sure Harry’s feet would be well looked after.

But I could not stop thinking about what Harry had said.

So later, I walked back into the store to ask Choy what they did do when faced with a six-toed customer. 

Choy said that this happened occasionally and it was no big deal. They just fit the person into a wider size, while not compromising on heel support or length. He told me that there was something for everyone in their range.

I like this. A lot. Inclusive of ALL.

So Harry is sorted for his active start to the school year. At a new school, no less. The pedometer challenge told me that he covers about 15,000 steps daily, which is the equivalent of going back and forth across the Sydney Harbor Bridge 15 times.

Which is a LOT. Am grateful that there are no tolls for those who cross the bridge on foot because that would cost $21 a day. *puts calculator away*

For more information about The Athlete’s Foot Back to School range, visit here. 

If you would like to win a $100 Gift Certificate to The Athletes Foot, leave me a short comment telling me why it is important to you that you get the right fit when it comes to your feet. 


Ever had a nightmare situation going on when you didn't adhere to this rule?

 The winner will be notified on Tuesday 15th January.


…I mean, how many of us have arrived at a do in a new pair of shoes, only want to cry a bucket-load shortly thereafter and throw said shoes down the drain…..
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