January 09, 2013

Saved by the Sensationally Unflappable.

Now the kids are now asleep in our shared hotel room, finally convinced that I am not going to perish. So I am taking this chance to fill you in an yet another mundane story.

I am currently away *ahem* on assignment *ahem* with a hotel chain synonymous with small dogs in little pink sequinned bags. 

My mission, if I chose to accept it, was to tick something off my bucket list. Ye olde bucket list is long, and as this is my year of tacking my fear face on like a banshee on roids,  I had little choice but to accept.

Because Mr Woog was so inconsiderate to have returned to work this week, and because ye olde no one else was about, I chose to pack up the Woogettes and take them with me....

Because I am clearly insane. 

 Now I do not fly a huge amount these days, but when I do I have issues with my ear/nose/throat locale. And once we reached cruising height, I let out an almighty sneeze which obviously popped something in my brain, which in turn, decided to syphon out through my right nose hole.

It was like a mini Norman Bates was krumping in my nostril, having taken delivery of his knife block special from Peters of Kensington.

I went straight to the toilet and stayed there, bleeding out as the ER folks say. I sat there for a while, trying to stem the red river, and as I began to feel woozy, I did it.

I hit the "HELP ME" button from inside the toilet...


A wonderful Jetstar crew member named Drita came and knocked gently, asking if I was ok. She quickly took stock of the situation and got an ice pack for my neck and instructed me to bend forward and pinch my nose.

Then Rick, the other steward, came along and did what I love ANYONE to do in this situation. TOOK CHARGE!

Phoned into the captain who phoned ahead to paramedics who did an over the phone consult which made me want to die with over dramatisation embarrassment.

So then I lied and said I was "Ok" before going back to my seat (where I discovered my kids did not even realise I had gone for 45 minutes....)

But one of them managed to take a photo....

Rick explaining to them where Mum was....

(out of shot - kids not caring but taking a fuzzy photo..)

So thank you to Drita and Rick, cabin crew of flight JQ 686.

Who has been your most unlikely hero?

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