September 27, 2012

Weekend at Beverly's Podcast.

Last weekend we packed a bag, fired up Sonia and got the hell out of Dodge. 


Pensive Beverly's place.

You see, it has been six weeks since our New York high-jinx. Six weeks! Was I really in New York, strutting down Park Avenue with that blonde bombshell by my side? It is all but a delightful memory. The blogging conference (that we loosely based the reason for our trip away on) is being held in Chicago next year, and we needed to discuss that, a massively exciting project Bev is working on, as well as other interesting topics. 

So interesting, that my podcast cherry was popped during my stay! 

Mum, a podcast is like a radio-show that you listen to on your computer. A computer is that thing you are looking at now.

So along with some lovely shots of our weekend away.......

You can also put your feet up, press the podcast and join in the discussion on decorating, sheet folding, blatant rip off marketing of alcoholic beverages, blogging, thieving and other stuff we bang on about.

If the Organisers of the World were handing out Gold Medals for incessant talking, Bev and I would be sharing the podium.

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