August 12, 2012

WoogsWorld, now with added Pinterest.

One of the things that I took away from the Blogher Conference was about the growth of Pinterest. And how everyone should get on the Pinterest train.

I had heard of it before, and like post things on the computer, it was all a bit foreign to me. I tried to get people (like the Pinterest Queen, Christina Butcher from Hair Romance) to explain it to me, but I would zone out when it was compared to scrapbooking.....

(No offence to any scrapbookers reading this. You do important work!)

Last night I decided to join Pinterest and see what all the fuss was about. It was not that hard to sign up for, which is where I usually stumble and lose interest in. If you are technologically inept, you should be ok with this little time waster.

What to pin, what to pin, what to pin.......

What I would wear if I were thin!

it seems if I were thin, I would wear a lot of green.
And then my thoughts turned to Jabba the Hut, and how it will need a little Styling Session when I get the keys in a few weeks.

My verdict on Pinterest?

I have allowed myself no more than 30 minutes per day on Pinterest as I am pretty sure DOCS would come a knocking on my door and chastise me for neglecting my motherly duties.

More "Boards" have been planned for the future. These include:

  • Stuff I will eat when hungover
  • My favourite vintage Tupperware items
  • Kaftans!
  • Things I would rather do than sort out my tax return
  • Planning my wedding #2 (in case... best be prepared)
  • Orange Cushions
You can sign up for Pinterest here 
You can follow me on Pinterest here

What do you think about Pinterest?
Are you a pinner?
What do you pin about?
What else should I pin about?
stop saying pin

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