June 06, 2012

Martha, Eyebrows, Chanel. Orange Glasses, Ploppy. Just another day in WoogsWorld.

Not me. So very, very far from me.
I got a gentle reminder from the Editor of The Hoopla late yesterday afternoon, inquiring when she would receive my column which was due for publication today. I told her she would have in within the hour before I went into a mind panic, while tumbleweeds rolled through my brain. So I wrote about being disorganised. Naturally.

You can read it here.

In other news, I went to the local shopping centre to pick up a new pair of reading glasses to replace the reading glasses that I lost. I chose a pair of bright orange frames, because clearly I was suffering from a brain fart, and today I type this with one eye squinted because I have managed to lose those ones in less than 12 hours. Which might just be a personal record. If I ever find them again, I will post a photo of them so you too, can say "What the hell were you thinking?"

And finally, I wish to share with you a conversation I had with the lass who waxes my eyebrows. She works for a major cosmetics chain in a department store. She is tops. Email me for details. I would share her name and where to find her here, but after I tell you this story, I worry she might get sacked.

Anyway, she was hot waxing my face and I asked her if all of the girls who worked at the beauty counters got along. I had visions of "Are You being Served?" in my head. I would think that one of the benefits of working in the cosmetic department would actually be the camaraderie amongst the sales folk.

Imagine the stories they could tell!


Anyway, she tells me that everyone gets on really well, apart from the snobby ladies behind the Chanel Counter. They were very, very fancy and did not speak to anyone from any other brand. Even having worked on this floor for two years, my beloved waxer had not even managed to raise anything near a hello from them. And my beloved waxer is super friendly.

She felt better one day though. She followed one of the immaculate, not smiling Chanel Counter Ladies into the bathroom and was surprised when a very large fart came reverberating from the Chanel Counter Lady's cubicle. And it was quickly concluded that even though the Chanel Counter Lady would insist that it didn't, it turns out that her shit did stink.

The End.

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