May 01, 2012

Fruit and Veg shopping JUST GOT INTERESTING!

I have just walked in from doing the Fruit and Veg shopping, which prompted me to tell you about this fun thing I did last week. I actually do not mind the fruit and Veg shopping, much prefer it them the cat food and toilet paper type of shopping.

But I particularly liked this Fruit and Veg shopping assignment.

It was last Thursday and I met my friend Mrs Maher in the City. We were off to do the Fruit and Veg shopping, but this time, with a twist.

We were at the Zeta Bar, part of the Sydney Hilton Hotel. The bar had been transformed into a Farmer's Market, complete with straw on the floor and the faint aroma of cow dung, which I was later informed was grass essence.

The idea of this new initiative at Zeta Bar was to expose the inner alcohol loving foodie lurking somewhere inside you. And guess what! It did not take me very long to find mine! Mrs Maher was also a keen participant and thank god it was a weeknight night, so we had to keep ourselves nice for the school run the next day.

The whole idea was that you grabbed your paper bag and made your selection form an amazing array of beautiful fruit and veggies, take it up to the bar and hand it over while 3 expert "mixologists" made you up something totally delicious.

Weight Watchers would be so impressed. I got my 7 serves that evening.

But I just cannot get my head around mixing veggies with vodka. But then I was proven wrong with a.....


But mixologist Grant Collins and his pinkie can keep the Cut Grass Sour.

Grant Collins gave us all a little talk about the concept, while I (go on, Where's Wally...) kept thinking "Less chat more mixing please..."

Ahhhh. That's Better!

Me serving out some more delicious nommies.

“To give a flavour of what’s in store, the Farmer’s Market spice tray will offer a huge choice, including cardamom, curry leaf, chilli and cumin, whilst the herb garden will have classic cocktail ingredients such as fresh mint, with lavender, fennel and tyme. There will be an extensive liquor and spirit range as well as some interesting infusions and an ‘unusual’ basket of surprises is on offer for those brave enough…you’ll have to come to the market to see what they are!”

The Zeta Bar Farmer’s Market opens for business every Friday from 6pm, launching Friday 4 May for a limited period. Alternatively if you cannot get there, think about what you would put into your own signature cocktail and head to your nearest Fruit and Veg shop. 

What ingredients would YOU choose?

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