November 12, 2011

Growth Spurt

My gorgeous son Harry is a machine. A food machine. Several times a year he will go into a feeding frenzy which he cannot control. Like yesterday, when I decanted some BBQ Shapes into little zip lock bags to put into lunch boxes. I stupidly left the box unattended on the bench, only to find it empty just minutes later.

Harry found the box. When I asked him why he ate the entire remains, he did not have an answer for me. This was after 3 weetbix, half a mango and some yoghurt. Sometimes I will find him standing in the kitchen with a punnet of strawberries ripping into them like it was the last act of a starving man.

Harry is 7 and eats like a grown man. A grown man who is a brickie or a carpenter. He claims he could eat 30 pork buns if he was really hungry to begin with and I do not doubt it for a second. These feasting times occur just before a major growth spurt. He will store up his reserves and turn into a little chunky sumo wrestler type person. And then overnight, it seems, he will shoot up a foot and the chunk will disappear.

Is this normal behavior? And if so...... why aren't I 12 feet tall by now?

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