September 24, 2011

Who shrank my cargo pants and other mysteries...

Who shrank my cargo pants?

Why, after many hours of discussion and tutorial, does someone still piss on the toilet seat?

After all these years,  why hasn't Shaggy taken Scooby to speech therapy?

To the inventors of Bey Blades Metal Fusion,  did you know that they take paint of skirting boards?

Will Dave from across the street really get the 1.2 million dollars he wants for his teeny tiny 2 bedroom cottage?

Will Mr Woog ever come home from Paris?

How have I managed without my 7am coffee delivery?

Why haven't you entered my super excellent Beauty Giveaway?

How do I plan on surviving the school holidays without becoming a fully fledged alcoholic?

Who has been feeding the Divine Ms M's cat Carol, causing him to have unwanted weight gain? (not fat, just fluffy)

Will the Coles PR People ever speak to me again?

Why is the sky?

What time is it?

Who are you again?

All will be revealed right after this short blogging break!
Where else but Queensland.....

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