September 23, 2011

My week in pictures and bullet points

  • I found myself in a bit of hot water yesterday afternoon after I published this post.  After much deliberation,  I have decided not to take it down down.
  • I enjoyed hearing from Mr Woog about his super swell visit with Miss Woog and all the things he had been eating,  mainly bread and quiche. meanwhile.....
  • We got all exotic like and made Butter Chicken from a jar which tasted like puke.
  • Chuy was a dirty stop out one night and the next day delivered me a much dead mouse in my bed.
  • It has been a week since the flower theif struck in our street.  Even so, people are scared.  This is actual the view from our front verandah.

  • The queen of funny tweets and other stuff Jo Thornely came over and we drank wine and ate pizza and watched Australia's Next Top Model and had a lengthy discussion regarding how youth is wasted on the young.
  • I had lunch with Dr Woog,  who diagnosed my mailman with chronic depression.
  • I went to a room full of Gen Y beauty editors to a panel debunking the bad rep that Pantene has and managed to turn the discussion to nipple hair.
  • I caved into Harry's request and did a smokey eye on him for the school disco last night.  He took a fashion risk but he tells me it was worth it.
  • I started to spring clean my lady room,  then got bored so had a little lie down to watch the Red Carpet Arrivals at the Emmys.
  • I had coffee with friends who had babies and felt very left out because I was sans Bugaboo.
  • And finally I faced my demons and tackled a situation I had been putting off for some time.
So, just another mundane week. How did you get on?
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