August 01, 2011

Blogging, with a chicken sausage.

I am sitting in the Qantas Business Class lounge with Eden Riley eating toast and blogging.  She is also blogging. Oh I also had a chicken sausage. It feels very strange,  but good.  Surreal, but nice. 

Neil Perry or John Travolta are no where to be seen.

In the background, a baby cries. Eden looks up at me. "Nah, I don't want to be near that baby..."

Bruce from customs looks at our exit cards and said to us " If you had of said BLOGGER to me five years ago,  I would have thought you are being rude..."

It is quite ironic really.

bugger, booger, bludger, blogger. blogher.

Looking forward to taking you on our adventure. So far we have planned bra-less PJ runs down the isle of the plane which will be filmed and uploaded into a you-tube horror channel.

We are taking suggestions for more pranks.....

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