September 02, 2010

Again with the Mundane

Yesterday was spent in a sleep-deprived haze. I cannot really remember much. You know those first few weeks with a newborn type of haze? Well that was me yesterday, minus the fun of a newborn. Just a 4 year sick boy.

What I can remember from yesterday...
  • Jack power-spewing at the bus-stop

  • Jack power-spewing in the kitchen

  • Jack eating handfuls of jellybeans at the Doctors Surgery. Then Power-spewing.

  • Eating a Simmone Logue Chicken and Leek pie (easily the highlight of the day)

  • Going to the butcher. Asking for 4 chicken drumsticks. Asking the butcher to remove all the skin. The Butcher saying "Oh, Lovely Legs!" I look at him a bit strangely but thank him anyway. He then explained what he meant and I nearly died.

  • Dr Oz on Oprah taking 6 people through OCD Bootcamp - oh the laughs!

  • Drinking the best part of a bottle of wine to round off a truly hideous day.

I am putting the past behind me. The second day of Spring is here. But I am counting it as the first. Oprah calls it having a "Do-Over". So I am having a "Do-Over with a Slight Hangover."

I have spoken often and fondly about my love for funny chicks. My hero's include Chelsea Lately, Tina Fey, Kathy Griffin, Pam Ann and Kristina Keneally (maybe not the last one, but she is a bit of a joke). There are also scores of great funny writers on the net and one of the best is MummyDiaries. And she has managed to snaffle my SawHole this week, to decide who should be thrown onto her Celebrity Scrapheap. Click here to see who got flung. (But do not go over there if you like Matthew Johns.)

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