August 12, 2013

It's Hip to be Square.

Sponsored by Toyota

I am at an interesting period of this mothering gig. One where my oldest son is struggling to find his own identity. He is desperate to be one of the cool kids.

Quite often he will ask me, “Mum, were you a dork at school?”

And I show him this picture of me at his exact age.

“What do you think son?”

I rocked dorkdom like it was nobodies business!

I had Coke bottle glasses to fix a lazy eye, a haircut fashioned from a pudding bowl and teeth that were an orthodontists wet dream. My best friends were a collection of ladybirds and guppy fish that I collected from the creek and I rode a very dorky pushy while the cool kids whizzed past me on gleaming Mongoose BMX’s. I had strap on adjustable skates as opposed to the white leather boots with glittery red wheels and I lived in a one-story house at a time where it was socially preferable to have stairs.

“Was Dad a dork?” He asks.

“Still is my darling. And that is why I married him.”

Because I have a theory on class nerds, dorks and the like and it is thus.

They grow up to be interesting people! Been to a school reunion lately? It is a smorgasbord of dorks done good, while the popular kids, one heralded as the cool group, well, not so cool anymore.

It is my greatest hope that Harry will embrace his dorky heritage and get on with being whoever it is that he turns out to be, free of others expectations. It is the path to happiness, in my opinion. And hopefully it will mean an end to donning those hideous flat caps that he insists on wearing.

And while we are at it, erasing Justin Bieber, Rihanna and One Direction from his iPod.

When Toyota asked me to come on board to spread the word about their new campaign “Calling all the Heroes” I raised my hand like the inner dork sitting in the front row of that classroom back in the day.

Because it from Toyota’s loins that my beloved Sonia Kluger sprung from. And we all know how I feel about her!

And also, they endorse the theory that indeed, it is hip to be square.

There is a very strong social media movement to get Huey Lewis and the News into the number one spot on the ARIAS Chart, knocking off whatever rubbish is sitting there at the moment.

Let’s see whether we can regain this pinnacle of excellence and celebrate the fact that indeed, it is hip to be square.

Where you a dork?
Did you rock a Mork and Mindy Lunchbox as well?
Or where you too cool for school…..

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