August 06, 2013

5 OF THE BEST - Parrot Earrings

Mortified and appalled at the lack of take up rate on my offer to whip out the singer and resurrect Shirt Tales 2.0. I was left scratching my head in bewilderment.

Why was no one willing to wear animals on jumpers anymore? Not even as a nod to more stylish times gone by?

And I just knew it, I was expecting you to jump into the style deep end without even dipping your toe in first to test the waters.

So with that in mind, and utilising my gently, gently, soothing tones and no sudden movements approach, I present to you.....


5 Of the Best Parrot Earrings was born from a comment on yesterdays post about the crafty medium FIMO. You know, make and bake shit that you can fashion into jewellery?

These are your classic everyday Parrot Earrings that will see you  well during the school run and perhaps a cheeky game of canasta. Good all rounders. Some might say a style staple?

Statement Parrots. Perfect for weddings and black tie events. Never in all my days have I seen a finer looking cockie. The details and craftsmanship are exquisite. Start saving ladies.

Sassy is a word that I like to save for very special items, suck as these diamonte and metal studs. If I were to meet you and your lobes were displaying these beauties, I would think to myself "There be a lady with some style and elegance, and a little bit of sass..."
Never let anyone tell you that clashing colours are not on trend. They are idiots. And would hurt the feelings of rosellas the world over. It you like a bit of bright colour, I suggest these will fit the bill perfectly. Team with a neon yellow pant suit for maximum drama.

Those who are willing to push the envelope when it comes to bird life representation and fashion. Go head, if you dare. Pop on a huge pair of hoops and get yourself down to the pet shop. Select the most dopey looking specimens and rock that look right!
I do hope your enjoyed the first of the 5 of the Best Series.

Which ones are your favourite?

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