July 26, 2013

Modern Parenting and a Ducks Update.

The Ducks played rugby last night and it was evident that they were lacking some sort of focus, as illustrated by the final score. However, we did have our secret weapon who scored a magnificent try and made some heart stopping tackles.

As a result, she was awarded Pen of the Week.

This week's Pen of the Week was extra special, as it was given to me by the original Masterchef Julie Goodwin, so it carried some celebrity factor. The other lads were green. Much like the pen.

I watched the game with co-coaches Hutto and Jim, and scabbed a Coopers from them. Coopers makes a mighty fine sideline ale if you ask me.

Hutto and Jim. Keepers of the Esky. Sideline Town Criers. Permanently Frustrated.
Dr Woog was in town for the match and I watched him stand next to Mr. Woog as they mirrored each others actions like a Chinese Synchronised Swimming team. A gold medal winning one.

Genetics at its finest
After the game and after the kids went to bed, I flicked on the teev to watch the film Bridesmaids for the tenth time. That shit never gets old...

"It's happening..... It's happening....."

While waiting for it to start, I endured 7 minutes of the most craptastic television I can recall since Man-O-Man. It is a reality show about painful teenaged girls bossing their parents around about their school formal. AKA THE MOST IMPORTANT NIGHT IN MY LIFE! *hair flick eye roll*

Did you see it? Was I imagining how low television has really sunk to? All I could think of is how my Mum would have reacted if I had spoken to her like that.

Which would be fair to say that I would not be going to the formal at all, let alone in a Pink Hummer....

I really would like to force these ladies into the Man Repeller for a good old fashioned dose of 1987 reality.

Or maybe I am wrong? Maybe this is what modern parenting has become. A series of tantrums, manipulations and ridiculous expectations. Treating your parents with a mixture of slavery and lunacy?

Of course I blame Kim Kardashian.

Would you put up with your kids speaking to you like that?
Or is this something that I am just going to have to expect in 8 years time?

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