March 09, 2013


It has been exactly a week since we moved into this place, and it has been a week of high energy activity! Today was no exception.

Dawn broke over the lonely frangipani, with Sonia Kluger and Chuy greeting the day in their own special ways. Sonia was quite silent and reflective, while Chuy relieved himself on said tree.

Alan, who will now be referred to as the most wonderful man in the world, came early bearing more specialities from his mates restaurant.

I busied myself with the most tedious task of un-packing the kitchen. Again.

 Mr Woog busied himself with his drill..... create a GALLERY WALL PEOPLE, of the fancy kind. It was a test in patience and spacial awareness.

 Meanwhile, the only person who actually knows what he is doing, that being the Most wonderful man in the World, took that ugly mofo kitchen out, smashing as he went.

And speaking of smashing, we had a matter to attend to today. 

You see, last week Mr Woog hired a couple of backpackers from Wales to help us move. And to make a long story short, they were both lovely, but extremely hungover. Like you are when you are 19 and backpacking.

One of them left their brain back at the hostel, saw a sledgehammer and a pile of stuff to be sledged.... AND STARTED TO SLEDGE.....


I was not pissed off, though. 

I have been hungover before as well, and have done daft things, like eaten an pizza that had been sitting out on a bench for 12 hours, before succumbing to the most aggressive bout of food poisoning known to a living being. 

So anyway, we put together a nice new hutch for them.

And they could not have given a shit.

So that was today.

Am gratefully open to tips regarding how to function without a kitchen for a week. Seriously. How?

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