January 08, 2012

Better than God.

"I am the best swimmer in the world. Better than God!"
- Jack Woog. Pool at Coco, Mooloolabah

Coming home from a wonderful week from the Sunshine Coast and the first thing Mr Woog and I do is have a massive blow up fight.  Ahh holidays. So relaxing. I am looking at this pile of sandy,  slightly damp clothing and I am not going near it. It can wait. We just spent 7 days walking over sandy, slightly damp clothes around our apartment, so I see it as just trying to extend that feeling further. I hope that makes some sense?


I read a book. It was very good.


I had a long discussion with a man in the surf about kids mowing you down with boogie boards with one boob hanging out of my swimmers. Completely out. Horror.


I drank a decent amount of Vodka.


I went on a famile to a Day Spa in Noosa.  For those not famile with what a famile is,  it is when you go and experience something for free in the hope that you spread the good word. I do not even think I spelt that right, maybe there is no E on the end..... Anyway so up I went to Noosa where I walked around for a bit and came to the conclusion that the name Noosa is derived from the Aboriginal saying, Wearer of White Short Shorts.

At Stephanie's Ocean Spa,  I hopped into a Float,  which is a little warm pool that has 600 kilos of salt in it. And you float around in the dimly lit room meditating. It is tres relaxing. Your body tingles and you might think it is a good idea to give yourself a good salty wash down there but best you do not. Trust me.

I did not really need the salt. I bought my own floatation devices.

I then had the most DIVINE facial I have ever had thanks to Sonya. She did not talk or try to sell me products or comment on my snoring. Afterwards I was wrapped up into a fluffy bathrobe and snuggled up on a coach while eating lemon sorbet. I was in complete and total bliss. If you are ever up Noosa way, pop in for a treatment. Really extraordinary. www.stephanies.com.au


I discovered I really, really liked familes (however you spell it) I also like the Queensland Tourist Board for arranging for me and my stylish friend to become familiar with familes.


As a family, we got obsessed with watching the World Championship Dart Tournament.  Well the boys were obsessed with the darts and I was obsessed with the Australian Contenders Hair. He did not win the title,  but is placed an impressive 5th in the Worldwide rankings.

Simon Whitlock,  you are the new hero of WoogsWorld. 


But mainly I spent time at the beach.  The beach at Mooloolabah is one of the finest I have sampled.  Beautiful warm water, no nasties in it, gentle waves that do nit try and kill you and a little buggy that travels up and down the sand selling shaved ice cones.  The Surf Lifesavers make cheery announcements throughout the day reminding you to watch out for your kids and to re-apply sunscreen. And unlike Sydney's beaches,  you do not have to get there at the crack of dawn to find a patch of sand. Or pay $15 to park for an hour. Because parking is free. It is a beach worth visiting.

Even if it takes you an entire week working out how to spell it.

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