June 03, 2011

Holden Captiva Review

Holden Captiva Review
Recently I had a total disaster that stemmed from something Mr Woog did. Long story short? It left me without a car. The Mazda to be precise.

The good folk at Holden heard my pain and offered me a brand new Holden Captiva to use. And now I am holding it Captiva. I am not giving it back.

Holden Captiva Review

It turned up to WoogsWorld on the back of a truck. Literally. Some gorm got out and said "Are you Mrs Woog?" and I was all like "Well, yes I am" then he scratched his nuts a bit and handed me the keys.

I looked at the car. I looked at the gorm. He looked at me. The car did not look at anything as it does not have eyes. The gorm looked at the car. I looked at the gorm. And then the gorm said "See you later" and drove off. I mean I could have been anyone.

The Captiva sat there in the middle of the street. So I had to move it as Peter the Fattist was sitting impatiently in his Lexus trying to pass. Please note that I have been driving a 2001 Mazda Tribute for 5 years and car technology has come in in leaps and bounds since then. Like keys. And dashboards. And handbrakes. It took me a while to figure out how to turn it on. But I got there. (Fuck you Peter).

Holden Captiva Review And since then it has been a love that knows no bounds. The first thing that has impressed me about the Captive is it distinct lack of bird shit on the exterior. And its distinct lack on general fest and filth in it's interior. But both these situations can be rectified. It just takes time, kids and a weekend.

I enjoy the roominess inside I must say. And it does not smell like spew AT ALL! Like not even a little whiff. Now I do not know much about cars. But I know I like free ones. And I love this one because it has one feature that blew me away with it's ingenious design. I mean a wine bottle holder in the door? Marvellous!

Holden Captiva Review And when you have unwittingly ended up with too many kids, it turns into a 7 seater. For some reason this was the Woogettes favourite feature. Mr Woog likes it because it is free and came with a full tank of petrol.

Holden Captiva Review
But there was one member of the family who took an instant dislike to the Captiva. The Mazda has been relegated to the street under a tree favoured by the neighbourhood birds. Look at her!

Holden Captiva Review
So sad! The other thing I like about the Holden Captiva is that I no longer get raised eyebrows when I do the school run or park in the main street. Here is my ride chatting to a Lexus and a BMW. Totally holding her own!

Holden Captiva Review

In conclusion, if you are in the market for a new car, I would totally recommend looking at a Holden Captiva. If you are keen to test drive, let me know and I will come pick you up via the bottle shop.

Click here for more information about the Holden Captive Series 2.

And no, I was paid diddly squat for this review. Next up I will be reviewing Qantas First Class. Is there anything else I should review?

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