March 23, 2011


Barry ponders what to have on his sandwich

Unless he gets hit by a bus between now and Saturday, Barry O'Farrell will be the next Premier of NSW. And in a state which 6.5 million people calls home, I just cannot shake the nagging notion that this is the best that we can do. Of course the alternative is just as disturbing.

Yeah (insert giggle) Sorry NSW, I had not fucking idea what I was doing from the start. Cannot wait till Sunday to start my Tupperware distribution business. Our Winter catalogue is coming out and there are exciting new colours. Call me!

None of this was my fault. PS Who farted? Pong!

Of course it has been years of shit-slanging and blame games, but let's face it. NSW is in a dire mess. And I cannot see how it can rebuild itself when I look at the candidates. Dire I tell you.

Politics? I have heard of that. Call my agent and let's see if we can work something out.

So dire, I would probably vote for her if she was running.

I went to vote earlier today and as I parked the car, I prayed to God to send me a sign as to who should be worthy of my selection. Because I just cannot vote for Barry and I just cannot vote for Kristina. And I love voting and I hate people who donkey vote.

Just as screwed as the NSW Political Landscape

But I had to vote for someone. I felt like I do when I go to a restaurant with a big group of people. You know how you get the menu and not look at it because you are too busy talking to everyone and then you panic when the waiter comes to take your order and everyone else orders quickly and you have not even read the menu so you hastily select something and then regret it and go over the waiter and tell him you have changed your mind so the waiter goes into the kitchen and lets the chef know and then you change your mind back and make your friend go and tell the waiter because you do not want to appear like you are an idiot, when indeed you clearly are?

I felt just like that.

But then I saw a Candidate Representative wearing lederhosen and I took that as my sign. So I kind of donkey voted in the end. What else can you do when all you can select from is a pack of asses?

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