April 05, 2010

Gen Why??

Here at Woogworld, we are not really in the business of slagging off at people - well not much anyway. Unless they are total fuckwits. But the Gen Y discussion is one that always ignites debate. But why?

Generation Y, or Generation Me as it is sometimes referred to, is inclusive off all those born in between 1982 and 1999. In China, they are called Little Emperors, which is a much nicer, friendlier name, unless you are a girl. Gen Y's get a hard time in general, and that is because most people have worked with one.

Mr Woog has an inexplicable dislike for Gen Y. I love driving along with him in the car and casually saying "How about those Gen Y's?" and then i can relax for at least an hour while he recites his reasons why he hates them so much. I think it is because they all earn 90K coming out of Uni and he worked in a bookstore. I also think he has a disregard for anyone who abuses a credit card and also because he looks silly in VAN Trainers and secretly wishes he could wear them. He has had one under his employment until recently so he claims to have first hand knowledge about everything Gen Y.

I spent last night at a dinner party which was held by a Gen Y lass and attended by more Gen Y folk. There was Mr Woog and myself (Gen X) and some Baby Boomers - you cannot swing a cat without hitting a baby-boomer, and jeeze don't they love giving out unsolicited advice!

My observation notes from last evening, of the 5 Gen Y folk at dinner:

All were single.

All were hungover

All were attractive

All commented on the quality of the wines and food

All were non smokers

All were working in the creative field

All spoke very quickly and used a lot of adjectives

All helped with the washing up

All were enthusiastic about everything.

And no, I had not hit upon the Hillsong Gen Y conference, which I am sure they have as they seem to conference everything else. This was my little sister and her friends. Normal with a touch of beige (I think it was the Hangovers) and the only ME ME ME that was heard all night was when one of them produced a bottle of Cloudy Bay and I ran screaming towards it.

So I am going to stop slagging off people and labelling them until I get to know them, and in time if they do turn out to be tools, then they shall receive a no holds barred scathing wrangle. Watch this space.
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