January 27, 2010

Wax on wax on wax on - and a bit of wax off with hair stuck to it.

Just thought I would share with you a text I have just sent to my sister regarding eyebrows. See attached picture - I suggested she needs to go and get a bit of work done on them. I know you will agree (she is sooooo pretty, and nice and kind and generous - i have no idea how we are related).

From Liz

So where do u go to get your eyebrows shaped?

From Moi

If you are serious and want to look amazing, go to Nathan at Parlour B on 93319728 and get him to do a total re-shape. He is the best. I go every few months and then go to the Benefit Brow Bar in the city in between 92389188.

I invested more time and thought in this question than I did in any of my HSC exams back in 1991.

I hope to furnish you with an after Photo of Lizzy asap.
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