July 10, 2013

This blog is going on a holiday!

Well, Jack's Passport finally arrived and so begins the the end of The Festival of Forty. A family holiday to Thailand where I will create a shortage of cocktail umbrellas. 

The kids are positively bouncing off the walls with excitement here, so the thought of sitting next to them for 9 hours is less than appealing.

Mr Woog is carrying on in his traditional pre-holiday behaviours which includes, but is not limited to, doing very unusual things such as Vanilla Wiping out the fridge and checking the Moto-Cross website.

My cousin Vinny is coming to cat and pig sit.

And I am going to totally treat myself by shaving my legs.

This blog is going to go on a little holiday as well, but I will be playing around on Facebook and Instagram, so hopefully we might meet there for a Margarita and a skewered prawn?

Instagram is here

Facebook is here

And I will be here!

Stay safe and see you soon. 


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