May 31, 2013

The Mighty Ducks continue to dream the impossible dream.

I think we are up to round 7. I think. So that is nearly 2 months of me managing the G Grade Under 10's. A team of leftovers and one I have fondly referred to as the Mighty Ducks.

A victory continues to elude us, and last nights game was no exception.

Good news though. Harry's head got too big for his old headgear so Jack and I went shopping to get him the next size up.

Which is completely awesome as now I can see him on the field easily. 

See what I mean?

I unpacked the jerseys which were thoughtfully laundered by one of the Duck's Mums. I had to ask her if she had ironed them, they were so pristine. But she had just folded them straight from the dryer. The boys pulled them on, and many of them commented on their delicious smell. I said that I was pleased that they liked it, maybe falsely indication that I was responsible for such superior washing.

Anyway, last nights match started and it was like the Ducks had never met each other before the whistle. They behaved like a gaggle of drunk slugs to the point that at times, the ball would be sitting at one of their feet, while the others grouped around it looking, almost like they were having a staring competition with the ball.

Or playing statues. Or some shit. Then the opposition would pick it up and skippetty dippety trot down to their goal line and score a try.

For the first time in my Managerial career, I actually pulled up a pew on the sidelines and had a good sit.

Coaches Hutto and Jim threw their hands up in the air. I felt sorry for them as they work so hard to try and make a team of this gang. We were also deflated as the team we played was supposed to be a pushover.

Which meant that WE are a pushover.

They are such dear boys, still obsessed with the diamond lipstick pen. 

Half time we were down 10-0.

The second half was a lot more promising and I stopped playing Candy Crush on my phone to gleefully add a new scored to my clipboard and as the final bell went, we managed to draw 17 all. Which was not bad, all things considered.

Late last night, we got a group email from Coach Jim.

Dear all
Now sitting back with a medicinal glass of red to soothe my frustrations with our young men.   I think the missed training and gap from the last game didn’t help.
 I thank you all for helping us but would love any input from you as to how better we can get our boys focused and play better.  You know your boy better than we do so please let us know how you think we can better utilise them.
 Areas I want to try and improve are – tackling, forwards turning and placing it if they are taking it up, more aggressive at the breakdown (not standing around and staring at it) and getting the ball to the outside backs as fast as possible.  We have sensationally fast outside backs which we need to use.
 If you can talk about these with the boys in your general parent/son conversations that would be great.  It would also make a nice diversion from shouting at them to eat dinner, get dressed, stop bashing up their brother etc etc
 Let’s hope we go one better tomorrow
 See you then

That is right. We are playing again this evening, which will eat into my traditional Friday Night Wine Time. But a victory, no matter how small, will make it worth the sacrifice.

Practicing the Can Can.

How is your team going this season?
Any duck-like teams out there?
Can you imagine if we actually DO win a game?
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