March 23, 2013

Circle of Friends

Last night I basically forced myself on a new friend who has a kid at the same school as mine. I walked over to her place, a cold bottle of Villa Maria in my hand, and left an hour and a half later feeling socially satisfied.

Like me, she is new to the school and is also finding it hard to crack the scene.

Like me, she might have to invest in a Labrador, the local canine of choice.

She is one of 3 friends I have made, which is great because before that, I was really only mates with the Lollypop Lady and those exchanges were exceedingly limited, just a quick hello of a morning and afternoon. She has a shaved head and wears crocs with socks, and I suspect she has a good lot of stories inside that bald noggin of hers.

Another mate is also a new mum, and her kid is also under attack from the class bully. So we have something in common apart from a fondness of wine. I had a coffee with her this morning and we worked out our strategy, so it is safe to say that that whole little scenario will be ending soon. Watch this space.

My other friend is Ali, who came up to me in the playground and told me she reads this blog. HI ALI! She is tres cool and knows the local scene well. The local scene is very conservative. Mr Woog suggests I need to stock up on velvet headbands.

He woke in a filthy mood this morning. The kids were at their nagging best. I drove people to rugby and birthday parties, and the non-appreciation vibe continued. It was all I could do not to tell the lot of them to go and get fucked and walk out the door with a passport and a credit card.

But who would restock the toilet paper roll if I left?

So I stayed, knowing that things are a little easier when you have some local mates to bitch to.

Tell me about your circle of friends?
Old mates or new?
Any good goss to share?

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