December 28, 2012

More finds for Jabba PLUS a fashion moment to remember.

I first met my friend Uberkate 20 years ago at university. She was tall and athletic and beautiful and academic and lovely. We had absolutely nothing in common whatsoever yet despite this, we have sustained a long and wonderful friendship.

She is one of those top chicks you get to meet in life and I love her to bits.

She has come up to Jabba the Hut to visit with her family and of course, we had to go "vintage" shopping, which is code for sifting through other people's crap at second hand stores.

She is a master at searching through other people's crap and finding the one thing that is cheap and charming. She is also supremely good a zhushing a place up a bit. And the old hut needs a bit of attention now that we have a new character in residence...

This is Bob the Owl that Mrs Ryan gifted Mr Woog because clearly she hates my husband. It is about half a metre high and Mr Woog ADORES it. He pats Bob's head each time he passes and has a little chuckle.

Uberkate and I went on a mission today to find some local bargains to give Jabba a little extra needed style.

This is a little cheap and cheerful print that actually has a little glitter action happening. It also makes me appear cultural, which in turn makes me appear intelligent. Which is not the case at all.

Can we talk about this rug for a moment? It is rubber backed jute with a coral border. It is big and covers Irene the sunroom nearly completely and was a bargain at less than $100 at Spotlight.

Now I had not been to Spotlight since forever. Actually, I cannot ever recall going to Spotlight, but Uberkate knows her stuff and there was a big BIG sale happening!

Like this hardwearing rug which is about 2 x 4 metres and on sale. The price came down to $45 which was ridiculous. Also snaffled up was the blue ottoman which I use to put my feet up on and the kids use as a soccer ball. It was $40 which was also bargain-esque.

Found this little bit of kitsch heaven at the Salvo's for $2 but as there was a Managers Special, it was 50% off. I gave the lady the full price, because I felt silly...

Little cane hat-holder of cuteness.

I am now on the hunt for some couches. Am taking suggestions from stylish people like yourself.

And speaking of stylish, well if I did not find THE BEST THING ever to wear to Christmas next year, I will eat hat. MY HAT! Crochet AND Santa!


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