November 01, 2012


A lot of debate goes on here in Australia about the rising popularity of Halloween and how we, as a nation, are becoming too Americanised. But considering it's actual Celtic roots, I am calling bullshit on that theory.

We here in Woogsworld are fans. 

NEVER one to pass up a dress up op
Not a great effort, but a black eye was added and some devil horns. GO THE PIRATES!
Mr Woog and I discussed over dinner, who would be walking the kiddos around and who would be manning the fort. Mr Woog said that there would be no arguments entered into and that he would be watching the news, glass of red in hand, dispersing sweets to those who come a knocking.

Now, it is just plain manners to only knock on doors displaying some sort of indication that the occupants are receptive. Our life sized skeleton cut out disappeared in the great skip visit of 2011, so I bought this really lame thing and stuck it on the door. 

Woogs were open for business!

Then we went for a wander.

The lady of this house had run out of treats, and offered up a cheese stick. She also was swigging from a sizeable glass of wine. She had had a bit of a day.....

Ok, so here is how the smart folk play it. You had to DARE to put your hand in the letter box drop and let me tell you, THAT BITES! Scary all around.......

THIS WAS MY FAVOURITE! A little old lady had gone TO TOWN decorating her house and was handing out these! SOMEONE HAS BEEN SPENDING TIME ON PINTEREST!! They were Chupa Chups covered in a tissue and then a little face drawn on. Mini Ghosts! She looks forward to Halloween every year. She had such joy in her face. 

A great time was had by all. Much merriment in the streets as dozens of little ghosts and ghouls got about on a sugar high. We got home to find our offerings on the front step, with the door closed.


The offerings had depleted somewhat, and I apologise to all those in our neighbourhood who swing by Chateau De Woog last night. For indeed, these Halloween Marshmallows did in fact taste like a worming tablet.

Halloween. Do you love it?
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