October 18, 2012

Tense Times in WoogsWorld

Oh, hi there!

Yes, you are in the right place, but the old gal just looks a little different. My blog saviour Sharnee from Suck My Lolly has had a little spring clean around these parts. We have taken a load of stuff to Vinnies, a load of stuff to the tip, and then she spent some time organising things so I know where they are when I go to find them.

And there is a new sponsor over there.
Welcome to Zimmer & Jee!

Apart from all those exciting developments, it is tense times here at Woogsworld. 

Ages ago I wrote a post about doing "No Speakies" which is what adults do when they decide to act like children.

*places hand in the air ever so gently.....*

Oh my friends. Tense times indeed.

It started yesterday morning. I did my best at corralling the children into Sonia Kluger, which is like trying herd drunk kittens. I slowly backed out of the garage into the back lane when........


I almost took out one of those teeny tiny little cars that hairdressing apprentices drive. Boy, didn't I cop a complete barrage of insults from that teenager! And fair enough too. Sonia would EAT that Micra for breakfast.....

I was all heart-attacky as I drove to school.

Later in the afternoon, after I had dropped Jack off to Ballet, Harry and I returned home. Remembering my near miss that morning, I thought that I would reverse back into the garage so I could see any oncoming traffic when next I needed to go out and be my children's taxi driver.

Reversing in carefully, making full use of the reversing camera, I was just about to turn off the car when the bomb exploded.

At least I thought it was a bomb.

Truth be known, it was the noise that the rear windscreen made when it connected with the metal brackets that hold Mr Woog's Surfboard in place.

An interesting safety feature that Bill failed to mention, was that when one of the windows are smashed, it pops outwards before it pulverises into a million pieces. 

Mr Woog arrives home at that point and saw the state of play and lost his shit.... quite a lot.*

So now I am carless again. Until Saturday.

So, yes. There is now an option for you to advertise on this blog. If all units get sold for the next ten years, I might be able to cover the cost of my latest fucking disaster.

Did your mother ever tell you......... 
"You don't deserve nice things?"

*extreme understatement
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