July 24, 2012

Would you give the pilot a lap dance in exchange for an upgrade?

I have a busy day ahead of me. Tomorrow I leave for two whole weeks and I am in an emotional cocktail of excitement, nerves, guilt and disbelief. 

I am not very organised. But I have designed a star chart for the kids to encourage niceties in my absence. I am thinking of developing it as a printable and selling it on the site for 7 cents. But it is really only useful if you have two sons called Harry and Jack.

Am a fully sick graphic designer. Self taught!
So much to do today. BabyMac is heading up later today to stay as we have a tres early flight in the morning. I am calling her Business Class Betty as she will indeed be turning right as she gets on the plane. I think she may have promised the pilot a mid-air lap dance, but I could be wrong. I have to wait and see if my upgrade has been approved, as I have requested one using my Frequent Flyer Points and goddamm it... I WANT ME SOME JAMMIES AND A FANCY AMENITIES BAG. 

And I will do a lap dance if needed. 

Dear God, I hope the pilot is strong.

But apart from that, I have to do reading groups today, go to a doctors appointment, find my other haviana, work out a way to get rid of Hermoine's step sister Beatrice off my bloody face, and other important stuff.


Ok, so now we can can the reading groups, as one of the kids has just done a massive up chuck. So that is ONE thing I can cross off my list!

All of a sudden New York is looking kind of good right now.

Anyway, I do not really have time to blog today because I have vomit to clean up and a shoe to find,  so I have written over at The Hoopla instead. 

This post is the perfect example of why one should not write unless one's brain is in a complete state of clarity. I am sorry.
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