July 02, 2012

I will come back later when I think of a witty title for this blog post and change it from this really lame one.

Current state of morning face. Thanks Mum for my new cup.

Slightly seedy this morning as I well and truly got my champers on at yesterday's Baby Shower. I had such a strange dream last night. I was a plumber and specialised in installing really small showers in bathrooms. Baby Showers. With teeny tiny taps.

And as I got my champers on, Mr Woog silently slid into doing Dry July. This also concerns me as it means that the only thing we now actually have in common is the two living breathing cocktails of our genetic materials, that we call our offspring.

I cannot do Dry July! I am 4 days away from hitting 29 36 22 39 so I am going to do Dry First Week Of July. Make that Dry First Few Days of July. Apart from yesterday, of course. And Friday, naturally. 

Last week was completely ridiculous with busy. And Amina faced elimination on Masterchef which saw me having long and intense counselling sessions with the boys. They take that show so seriously. Jack now uses the word QUINEL is everyday sentences. In fact, he just quinelled his weetbix. And now he is rolling out his blue-tak pastry.

The first day of the school holidays is upon us and I am looking forward to shifting down a gear, soft panted days and relaxing with my monkeys. Today we are returning a pair of shoes from a store that rhymes with Myer. The assistant there was more closely related to an ape than most, and gave us two left shoes, one in a size 3 and the other in a size 5. When Harry complained about his uncomfortable shoes yesterday I told him, over the top of my champagne glass, that they were new and will take some time to break in. And to quit his complaining.

Then we are going to go the movies. Not a 3D movie. Last time we saw a 3D movie, it ended in complete disaster. But I don't really want to go into that right now. 

So I am off to fill up this cup with more caffeine and tell myself that today might test my patience, trying to return worn shoes without a receipt, going to the movies on the first day of the school holidays and watching wine time tick over with a soda water in my glass.

What do you anticipate the highlight of YOUR day will be?

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