May 08, 2012

How did I go being technology deprived for 24 hours?

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"My darling..... you did it." *insert pash here*

So this is the follow up post from a campaign I have been working on for Kangaroo Island, that little slice of heaven in South Australia.

I was dared to switch off for 24 hours. And I did.

I think it is here that I SHOULD be saying that it was a great chance to really connect with my surroundings. To take a cup of tea out into the garden and ponder the roses. To take the time…. to sniff them?

I probably SHOULD be saying that I snuggled up with the Woogs and watched a family friendly film while the afternoon rain gently patted against the windows.

Maybe I SHOULD be recalling how we SHOULD have gone down to the beach and spent hours building sandcastles, walking along the foreshore with our fictional dog (who we shall call Noodles) and while the children played quietly nearby, Mr Woog took my face in his hands and whispered “Darling, I am so proud of you. You did it.” Before kissing me passionately and presenting me with a diamond solitaire ring.

But that would all be horse-shit.

Instead I cooked.

I made banana bread, potato bake, potato and leek soup and a stew.

I ate a lot of food that day.

I also watched my kid play sport and did not live tweet the match, which was lucky as it was a wipeout.

Did I enjoy being switched off for 24 hours? Not really.

To be honest, I found it kind of annoying. I had to speak to my family a lot, and they in turn, found me annoying. Mr Woog liked his chances at some extra nookie, but I was too busy cooking. And complaining.

Yes, that was a top day!

The only way I think I could really switch off happily, if I could do it away from my mundane. Some place like Kangaroo Island.

Do you want to switch off at Kangaroo Island?

And if you win, I will be happy to accompany you. Because I am nice like that. And I will take my iPad with me so I do not annoy you with my complaining.

Too good to refuse?
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