April 11, 2012

Come and meet the new love of my life!

There has been a race going on at my place. A race to the death! It has been going on between my Mazda and my Toshiba laptop.  Everyday that passes without one or the other keeling over and dying is an absolute triumph.

And then yesterday I was greeted by this.

There were too many problems it seems.  It did not really surprise me to be honest.  It has been making some very strange sounds and this whirring thing that goes on a lot.  It causes the laptop to heat up like a slow combustion stove which is actually quite handy during the Winter.  Mr Woog was always worried that it would burn the house down.

The laptop had died and I called Mr Woog with the news.

"The laptop has died!" I proclaimed dramatically. "What are we going to do?"

Mr Woog paused before telling me that under no circumstances was there any available fund for any more capitol expenses. For some reason motor bike riding does not come under capitol expenses.

"You will have to wait until next month to replace it." He said "Do you have any sponsored posts or freelance writing coming up?"

I told him I had plenty of work on, but of course without any way of communicating my words, the point becomes moot.

A few minutes later I heard the penny drop all the way from across the harbour. And so, darling reader, if you see myself whoring around the inter webs more than usual over the next month,  it is because I am paying off this beautiful mofo.

Which brings me to my point. Why did no one ever tell me how fantastic Macs are?

What computer are you reading this blog on right now? Do you hate it or rate it?

Also, please send money x

not sponsored by Apple
Should so be sponsored by Apple

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