February 12, 2012

Your heart CAN stop beating and start up again! FACT.

Mother Nature played this hilarious trick on me yesterday.  Harry's Birthday Party was due to start at 3pm.  It was a soccer party and I had treated myself to a dude who came to run it. Best money ever spent. Anyway,  Ben the Soccer Dude and I stood on the front verandah at 2.40pm and watched the mother of all storms roll in,  complete with lightening and thunder and mo-fo buckets of rain.

He gave me the option of cancelling and I told him that there was no freaking way I was going to try to entertain 12 Eight year old boys so he had better think..... and fast!

Then I made a sign for the front of the house,  went inside and poured myself a wine and looked out onto the backyard which was sodden.  If I peered hard enough I could just make out the back fence.

As the clock struck 3pm and one by one children started arriving, the downpour eased to a trickle and one minute later the sun came out. And by this stage I was a bit buzzed and started complaining about the heat.

Anyway,  party was a huge success. And Ben is worth bottling and I do not mind giving his business a little PLUG!

Cake thanks to my Mum!

Lolly Cups thanks to the $2 Shop.

Lolly Salad thanks to The Divine Ms M

Mini chicken and leek pies thanks to Simmone Logue

Ample vino thanks to First National Liquor

Sunshine thanks to Mother Nature - you cheeky fucker!

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