February 29, 2012

Rapture! {For two very different reasons}

I was standing out side the new house with a friend when I saw a man walking down the street towards us. He was an older gent. He had a pair of short shorts on and was carrying a tennis racquet. His shirt was opened,  revealing an impressive set of man-boobs and a stomach that indicated to me that this man enjoyed fermented liquor enormously.

"Here comes my new boyfriend..." I told my mate. So lame I know.

As he reached us,  he stopped, stuck out his hand and introduced himself as Oscar, our new neighbour.

RAPTURE! I know Oscar is going to bring me years of fun.


My Internet came back on yesterday so my writing room is now complete.  I have been calling it my office,  until Mr Woog pointed out that it is not really an office as I do not run a business.  I then referred to it as a study,  until Mr Woog pointed out that is was not really a study as it had been YEARS since I actually studied anything.....

So now I am calling it my writing room.  Isn't she a beauty!

It looks so fancy and clean and crap free.  I think it will look like this for at least the next few hours before it gets used as a dumping ground for stuff. I am going to look so important as I sit here reading school newsletters. And there are NO BOYS ALLOWED!

Everything in this room has a story behind it. Let me share.....

  1. I bought this painting in Thailand from a street artist. He was surprised when I did not haggle with him over the price. I paid full freight which was about $150. I love it.
  2. This desk was my grandfathers.  He was a lawyer and ran the family law firm which his grandfather started.  My sister now runs the same firm.  She got the smarts. This desk is very special to me.  I had it restored about 8 years ago. The drawers still stick like a bastard.
  3. This rug was purchased about 5 years ago at a "SALE SALE SALE! CLOSING DOWN! END OF LEASE! EVERYTHING BELOW COST!!!" place. A place that I still walk past and it is still "SALE SALE SALE! CLOSING DOWN! END OF LEASE! EVERYTHING BELOW COST!!!" I am beginning to think it is run by a pack of liars.
  4. These are my old day lady chairs. I wrote about them here.  I swear they are smiling at me.
  5. Old amber glass lamp. $8 at Vinnies.
  6. Chair was a gift from Mr Woog for my birthday years ago. It hugs my buns.
  7. This is a glass fronted bookcase known in the antique circles as a Wenicke.  The word wenicke also means one of two parts of the cerebral cortex,  the part that is responsible for the understanding of the written language! Apt? I think so...
So there you have it. My special room.  And the best part? I look out onto the garden where I can spy on Doug Woog,  our merry garden gnome who smugly sits,  looking back at me.

Do you have a special room just for you at your place?
May I suggest you get one?
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