February 03, 2012

Harden the F*ck Up?

Parenting confuses me at the best of times......

Harry found out his new teacher yesterday and then spend the day in sick bay, claiming to have a stomach ache.  I was called to come and pick him up,  and he claimed to be happy with his new class in front of the Office Lady, then burst into tears as soon as we got home.

I am the mother of an anxious child.  A kid who takes a while to get used to new people and internalises his feelings until it explodes in the only way my seven year old knows how. Hystericalness.

He comes from a long line of drama queens. My older sister Mrs Ryan is quite famous for it.  I have a good dose of Catasrophyitis and it seems my beautiful son has it as well.

We spent the afternoon and evening talking, with him sobbing, and together trying to come up with a solution to the situation.  I am of the opinion that nothing cannot be solved without communication, and so I shot an email off to the Principal,  letting her know what was going on.

I actually signed of saying I was "not a pedantic parent," but I hoped we could work this out. even though I was kind of being a pedantic parent.....

This morning Harry and I popped in to see the Principal.  The Principal of the kids school is one of those dreamy chicks whose door is always open and nothing is too much of a bother. We talked through some strategies and I accompanied Haz up to the classroom where he promptly fell apart again.

I met his teacher, who was a doll.  A true professional who was just as concerned about the situation as I was.

Life is not about always getting what you want. You do not always get the teacher you want or the job you want. It is not always ideal and you need to circumnavigate situations until they feel right.  But it is hard trying to explain this to a little boy who looks to you for protection.

Sheesh!. It is tough.  Life is tough. I want to take him in my arms and fix everything. I have been told he should just harden the fuck up but he does not work that way. He is not built that way.

When does this parenting gig get easier?
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