February 20, 2012

eBook Sneak Peak.... The C Section!

I first thought of writing a guide to Style and Beyooty when I was sitting in my car,  waiting for the kids to come out of school.  I had the benefit of the afternoon sun on my face as I attacked it with my grimy fingers.  I was giving myself a classic car facial,  like you do at the lights or waiting for kids or just for fun.

This guide is a celebration of nature letting you down slowly and how you may be getting on in years,  but it is no excuse to let yourself go completely.  That is what Nursing Homes are for.

What strikes me is that there are dozens of Style and Beauty guides around, but very few REALLY REAL ones. I am writing an A-Z guide and here is the C section for you (insert too posh to push joke here later) So if you do not see me around these parts as much it means I am testing out bust firming creams and denture glue.

is for Culottes

Culottes are not just unpleasant surprises one may get during one’s monthly menstrual cycle.  They are the name of a particularly practical garment which has been banished to history and one I cannot see returning without a vicious and un-relentless campaign to BRING BACK THE CULOTTES!

Culottes are a very rare sight nowadays and are favoured by religious cult members and cool try-hard folk who stumble across a pair in a Vinnie's Bin in Surry Hills then team it with a Hello Kitty boob tube.
Simply put,  culottes are what would happen if a skirt mated with a pair of trousers.  Culottes first burst onto the fashion scene in France during the 1500’s when men pranced about proudly in their culottes. Later, during the Victorian Era,  women rejoiced in the freedom that culottes provided,  enabling them to garden, ride bikes and swing upside down on tree branches without showing their lady bits.

I say grab a pattern and whip yourself up a pair,  but let us not wander down the path of the Skort – stick with a pair of full length culottes - any excuse not to shave your legs.

Do you just LOVE culottes or just like saying CULOTTES like me?
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