January 16, 2012

The Recipe for a Great Weekend?

Turdy weekends usually involve going out for a blinder on a Friday night,  getting home to pay the babysitter, falling into bed only to be woken from your stupor by one of your kids who has vomited all over their bed.

I know this,  because it has happened to me. And the vomiting is joined by the squirts by the next morning and there you are, hungover as a bastard in the full throws of a gastroenteritis outbreak.

But this post is not about that.  It is about one of those magical weekends you have where you love your husband (for the most of it) adore your kids and are in the company of a great gang. 

It starts with a road trip,  which Mr Woog had actually planned a route before we had left the house.

The Woogettes in the back where well behaved,  thanks to a fully charged iPad. Jack likes to travel in a purple leotard,  as he finds it comfortable. Work it dude......

Two hours later,  we arrive at Baby Mac's. You know Baby Mac? She is one of my most favourite bloggers,  not because she cooks like Nigella and looks like a super-funkster and swears like a truck-driver. It is because she is an excellent blogger! (and can roll a bottle of Pipers like it ain't nobodies business!)

Oh and their house is like something out of Country Style. Minus the chickens and the twee signs around the house about love and family and happiness and shit.

The outdoor pit was lit and we settled in for some fireside chats about nothing much.  Baby Mac's husband Rob had learnt that the Woogs were dart obsessed,  so he had ducked into town and bought a championship board which was set up in the garage,  so we did not really see much of Mr Woog and Rob.....

The table was set and Baby Mac got a cooking,  with a very keen apprentice. Here she is teaching Harry to separate eggs to make Bearnaise sauce.

And the result? Local Rib Eye (cooked on that there pit up there) which was like nothing I had eaten before. Rosemary roasted potatoes and some sort of fancy-ass spinach with almonds and dressing which will stay with me forever. And then a home-made rhubarb crumble which I did not take a photo of because I was in a food coma.

After dinner,  the conversation naturally turned to merkins,  at which point,  Rob went and put on his merkin which was Scottish themed with some very impressive silver baubles. It was unlike any merkin I had seen before.

The next morning we woke (a little unfresh) and Baby Mac made pancakes,  which surprised my kids as they thought pancakes came from a plastic container that mummy adds water to and shakes the shit out of. We also awoke to the news that Jack and Daisy had decided to get married. We were totally ok with that and started wedding prep.

We also taught the McDonald's that guinea pigs were not just for looking at. Rosie came and played all morning in the dolls house and was treated to a ride in the Barbie car. Look how happy she is!

And then it was time to pack up and say our farewells. Saying goodbye to someone you love is hard.......

Even if you cannot experience Mac Magic in person,  you can check out Beth's Kickass Blog and live vicariously though it. Like I do....

Click here for some Mac Magic

What is YOUR recipe for a kick-ass weekend?

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