January 24, 2012

Memoris of a Mother during the last week of the longest school holidays on record.

Week 6 of school holidays is by far the worst of the lost.  Everything has been done to death. Yesterday I took the kids to see The Muppet Show where it cost nearly $50 just to get in the door! Thankfully the film was worth it.

So to counteract that,  we are spending the day at home where my kids are delighted that I am actually encouraging extreme DS and Wii time. They are getting on really well. I cannot believe I resisted gaming for 8 years. I need my freaking head read.

I am spending some time today going through our massive collection of books, weeding out the titles that can be donated to Vinnies. When Mr Woog was gifted an eReader,  he scoffed. Now he is never without it. I first met Mr Woog when he worked at our local bookshop and he was pretty much a super nerd. A cute super nerd. He reads a lot.

Here is a collection of titles he has recently read. And the one on my bedside table. Can you guess which one is mine?

We are at different spectrum's of the intellectual scale. But I am much more funnerer at a party.

A Challenge for you!

Grab the nearest book and turn to page 27. Now comment with the 4th sentence.

(My book is a Picture Dictionary published in Romania in 1978)

so help me God I am so bored......

What does yours say?

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