August 29, 2011

Style Report from the MTV VMA's - Reporting live from my couch.

MTV MVA's are not actually a venereal disease, but a celebration of music videos.  They have just been held in the states and I am safely critiquing outfits from my couch. Wearing my trackers. And these.

Which are banned from leaving the house,  according to anyone who has seen me in them.

Host Ellen DeGeneres wearing YSL

Beyonce gets her gunt hold on

Not adhering to the Coco Chanel rule of taking one thing off.

This poppette dropped her bedazzler and broke her foot

Misplaced Taxi Driver or someone's dad

Katy Perry checking for storm clouds

yeah......... No

Lacking something..... I think she could have done with a feature earring?

Paul Rudd looking normal. And delicious

Cheeseburger..... STAT

Celebrating fake tan with a good feel up

Smiling after pulling a bucket bong in the limo. Whoever you are.... nice work

The thing that struck my about the MTV VMA red carpet,  was that I am truly old. And clueless when it comes to artists these days.  But enough about what I think..... Who do you think rocked the red carpet?

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