August 16, 2011

Mrs Woog? Not so perfect.........

It is true. I have a fat ass and a bad attitude. And no Bob,  I will not buy your book.

I understand that many bloggers like to keep their blogs as their 'happy place'. They feel that the good memories are the ones worth recording and their blogs reflect that. I get it, sort of.
- Blogger Maxabella

Yesterday I read a blog post by the mega-blogger Maxabella.  It was about perfectionism. I loved it.

I was a total sucker for what she talks about. I had an obsession with keeping the perfect house, which handily manifested itself into a mild case of depression. I had to take stock of what was going on.  I had gone from a high powered position in a Publishing Company to the mother of a child with special needs overnight.  And I had not control over what was going on. So I did what I could do to strive to be the best at what I was faced with.  Which was being a stay-at-home mum.

And when you put all your energies into maintaining the perfect house and being the perfect mother and wife,  it will send you loopy. IT WILL SEND YOU LOOPY.

So after an unpleasant wake up call and a big attitude makeover,  I learnt to breathe and let go. I learnt to outsource stuff I hated doing. I learnt it was ok to have toast for dinner sometimes.  I embraced the takeaway menu for the nights I just could not be assed to cook for my family. I learnt to shove clothes and crap into cupboards and shut the door on it and think about it later. 

I put having fun first.

I learnt to say no more. I flew with the punches.  Good enough was good enough and that is now good enough for me.

This morning Mr Woog and I were having breakfast.  He asked me "What are you going to write about today?"  I told him I was going to write about perfectionism and he replied....

"But you swore you would never blog about our sex life....."

I think tomorrows post will be about disillusionment.

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