August 26, 2011

HUMPH! But I WANT to be a fashionista....

After I drop the kids off to school this morning,  I am quite literally going shopping to buy this dress by Leona Edmiston.

And because I have been super frugal lately, I am also going to treat myself to some summer-loving sandals.

And just because I am a cheeky minx,  I am going to try this on and see whether it works. I am secretly confident that I like it's chances. I have the perfect jeans so I can indulge in my orange and navy fantasy.

And I am feeling all sorts of cheeky and naughty because, according to  The Australian's Fashion editor,  I have NO BUSINESS being interested in fashion. Because I am a size 16-18.

It's ok Rachel, I am really pissed off about it to.

In fact , I am so pissed off about it,  I cannot even bring myself to finish this post for fear I it for I might go Bananas.

So pop over to Styling You to hear a sensible view. And I will go and wax up my credit card.

UPDATE - Shoes and kaftan was purchased but dress was out of stock and then I spent some time playing with Jack's Barbie, who also wants to be a fashionista.

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