August 31, 2011

Ah Mundane..... You've done it again!

"You never really know what you are going to wake up to"
- The original Mrs Woog, aka my mother in law

My mother in law, Mrs Woog Sr, is a saintly being. She is patient and generous and makes Mother Theresa look like Courtney Love during her crack whoring days.  She stayed with us last night and was here this morning when we woke with a family member complaining of having a throat feeling like he had swallowed razor blades and a temp you could use to make a decent risotto.

always with a gang sign, even when very ill.

And she is so right.  You never know what you are going to wake up to.  Or know what you are going to be doing at 7.30am.  Which in my case was dropping a fifty at the chemist this morning. Wearing ugg boots.

Yes, you never know what you are going to wake up to,  but rest assured it will be a sick kid if you have a busy day on the agenda. Cancel, Cancel, Cancel.

Other things I woke up to today was evidence that there is a rather thick graffiti artist in our midst.

A graffiti artist I also suspect of trying to "fix" our antique danish teak coffee table with a texta. Mr Woog and I used to collect antique danish teak furniture when we had two incomes,  and no kids to ruin them. They used to be beautiful. We used to have cash!

I used to laugh out loud at people who carried little tubes of this around in their handbags. I secretly thought "oh for fucks sake.... harden up!" Now I want to set up a bathtub outside the front door full of it.  Like a sheep dip. But for germ carriers. We Woogs have been hit hard this winter. Enough already!

So,  Mrs Woog Sr is right.  You never really know what you are going to wake up to hey. But if you treat yourself to a bunch of these on the way back from the chemist........

And the Divine Ms M drops you round one of these......

Things can only get better.

Right? RIGHT?

What surprise did you wake up to today?

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