July 30, 2011

Hollywoog or Bust

You might have noticed my new temporary blog header up there. I made it myself!

I have been to America before,  most recently I spent 3 weeks with Mr Woog in New York (back when the Aussie Dollar was worth 75c).  I was pregnant with a certain ballerina and spent the entire 3 weeks vomiting in the bathroom while Mr Woog would come back at the end of every day and report on all the wonderful things he had done, seen and eaten.

Fun times.......

Fast forward 6 years and the only vomiting that will be occurring on this trip is if I eat chocolate dipped bacon or have too  many cocktails in the sun. Probability high on both events occurring.

So I have been thinking about things I could do in Hollywoog,  being a first timer and all.

First up,  I am going to track down this young lady and find out who does her waxing.

Then I am going to contact the Hollywoog Walk of Stars committee and see when I need to do to get SawHole her own star....

Next up,  I am going to locate Lindsay Lohan and have a chat with her over a nice cup of tea.

From there,  I want to go up to the Playboy Mansion and give the bunnies a kick up the ass and give them a lecture on being rat cunning,  and insist they go all go back to university to complete their masters in Marine biology. Or go into politics. They are not fussy over there.... They will let anyone have a go.

And I need to spend some time shopping my screenplay around  to studios. 

It is about 2 Australian Mummy Bloggers who get sponsored by Ribena to go to a conference in America.  They get caught up in an incident involving the Kardashians and some hair pulling so they need to flee.  They lead the LAPD on a goose chase across the country.  One of the mummy bloggers has a nudie romp with Brad Pitt while the other one sulks in the car outside the motel room.

The ending is shocking so you will need to wait till you see it on the big screen......

I also plan on sleeping when I feel like it,  waking up when I feel like it and not running baths for anyone but myself. 

Have you been to Hollywoog?  What else should be on my list?
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