May 06, 2011

No BS, a DS Giveaway!

I am torn between being highly amused and mortally offended when my boys ask me what life was like like in the olden days. I mean, this mamma was born in 1973. I would hardly call that old. I remember asking my mum the same questions and being horrified that her family did not have a colour television. Or seatbelts.

I remember our family going to parties when I was small. We would run around till 10pm as our parents drank bottles of Black Tower. Then we were all put to bed in the back of the Hi-Ace and magically wake up at home. In our own beds. And we would not have remembered a thing about how we got home. And neither did our parents.

I have told the Woogette's about how we used to have to get up, walk across the room and twist a knob to change the channels on the tv. The tv which was about the size of a microwave, which did not actually exist at the time. And they almost fall over when I tell them that you actually had to plan what you wanted to watch in advance, you could not record stuff, pause stuff or rewind stuff. There was no remote at all.

The closest thing to technology we had in our house came in 1981, when my brother was gifted this new fancy item.

And we spent the rest of the 80's fighting over it. But what is more fun than jumping barrels?

To celebrate the release of Ninjago, Warner Brothers Games are giving a copy of this game away to a reader of my blog. Gamers are thrown into the midst of an exciting adventure where heroes combat evil to recover powerful Ninja weapons to restore harmony to the world. Hopefully. Well that is the aim..

But this prize is no good to you if you have nothing to play it on, so they are including a brand new Nintendo DS Game Console as well.

Shut up.

No you shut up!

To enter, leave me a comment and just tell me a story from YOUR olden days.

The winner will be selected and announced on WoogsWorld on Friday 13th May.

Australian Residents only.

Start reminiscing and in the meantime you check out .

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