March 16, 2011

The Fling, The Girlfriend, The Mistress and the Ex

Looking back on it, I think I have known what has been going on for a while. It is just I never really wanted to deal with the consequences or face up to the fact that Mr Woog has been cheating on me. All over town may I add. So I am outing him on the Internet, on the very place that bears his strange name. Because I am a bitch like that.


Mr Woog dipped his toe into the sordid world of infidelity with this push bike which he needed to ride to work. This fling was quite short lived after a roundabout incident. She did not bother me that much. I could take her.


I cannot help to think I drove him to her. When I literally drove him to her on the Northern Beaches. She was cute and Italian and if I have to be honest, I kind of had a bit of a crush on her - in a non lesbionic way. More of an appreciation of her beauty. But Mr Woog fell hard. It has been 6 months in and she is quite respectful of my position in the house.


This is one hot and horny bitch and I am having some major issues with her. She is IN YOUR FACE rude and makes the most insane amount of noise. She takes up space, is bossy and purrs like a kitten when Mr Woog walks by. She is a slutty red. She takes Mr Woog away for weekends and she rubs my face in it. She is tucked up now in the garage under a sheet. She has more accessories than me. I think I might go key her after I have finished writing.

Tossed aside like the old cow that she is. Still hanging around and costing Mr Woog heaps in alimony. I kind of feel sorry for her sometimes, that is when I myself am not enjoying a bit on the side.......

I suppose I should be thankful he has not started to visit the Brothel just yet.....

Ahhh. I feel so much better getting that off my chest. And have saved $120 at marriage counselling. Thanks.

How do you deal with your partners cheating ways?

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